Description Maxcrete 809 AAC Block Adhesive is a single component factory prepared blend of high quality Portland cement, graded aggregates, chemical polymers and special additives that requires only the addition of water to form a high strength mortar with superior water retentivity for use on highly porous materials like AAC hollow blocks, lightweight concrete elements […]

Maxbond 431 – Modified acrylic

About The Product Maxbond 431 is a ready to use liquid coating with excellent UV stability and water resistance. The easy-toapply coating has good bond to common building substrates and is ideal for sealing of new and old concrete roofs, metal deck, clay tile roofs, asbestos sheets and external masonry walls. It cures to form […]


Maxbond 101 is a unique surface treatment that penetrates deep into concrete to form non-soluble crystals which permanently seals pores, capillaries and cracks. Consisting of Portland cement, very fine treated silica sand and various active chemicals, it diffuses into the matrix of concrete and reacts with moisture and the byproducts of cement hydration to form […]

Maxcrete 201 Bonding Agent

Maxcrete 201 is a modified Styrene Butadiene emulsion that is added to cement mortars to enhance bonding properties. It also intensify cement sand mixes to improve resistance and strength. Features Uses ✓ Greatly increases adhesion strength ✓ Excellent water resistance and reduces efflorescence. ✓ Enhance mortar flexibility and reduce shrinkage and crack formation. ✓ Improves […]

Maxcrete 681 Hydraulic Grout

Description Maxcrete 681 Hydraulic Grout is a fast setting mortar that consist of hydraulic cement, fine sand and specially formulated additives. Upon contact with water, the grout hardens rapidly as it increases in volume to form an airtight and waterproofed seal. Features Uses ✓ Require only addition of water. ✓ Ultra-fast setting. ✓ Expands while […]


Maxbond 1211 is a 2 component waterproofing system consisting of a special acrylic polymer and preblended filler powder. The membrane is flexible and seals hairline cracks. It has excellent adhesion to concrete, masonry, bricks, aerated screeds, plastics, plywood and metal. The high abrasion resistance after initial curing permits maintenance foot traffic over the membrane surfaces. […]