Maxcrete 201 is a modified Styrene Butadiene emulsion that is added to cement mortars to enhance bonding
properties. It also intensify cement sand mixes to improve resistance and strength.

Features Uses

✓ Greatly increases adhesion strength
✓ Excellent water resistance and reduces
✓ Enhance mortar flexibility and reduce shrinkage
and crack formation.
✓ Improves chemical and abrasion resistance.
✓ Enhance compressive strength.
✓ Non-Toxic


✓ Bond coat and primer for topping
✓ Increase impermeability and chemical
✓ Keying coat over smooth surfaces to apply
✓ Increases bonding strength of cement and drymix to set tiles, slates and natural stones
✓ To create high strength repair grouts


Concrete surfaces shall be clean, sound and free from contaminants, laitance and loose particles.
Absorbent substrates must be saturated thoroughly, leaving no standing water before application.


Bonding Slurry Mix to a creamy consistency and brush into the surface to obtain a 1mm thick coat.
Apply topping while slurry is still wet.
Coverage : Approximately 0.6 liter/m2 @ 1mm thick

Splatter Key Mix to a creamy consistency and trowel a thin layer onto the smooth concrete surface.
With a stiff brush, dip and dab more material onto the skim layer to create rough keys.
Coverage : Approximately 0.3 liter/m2 depending on key density

Screed & Plaster Premix Maxcrete 201 to water and Cement to Sand before mixing wet and dry components. Mix to the desired consistency. Wall renders shall not exceed 10mm per layer. Scratch the render and allow to dry for 6 hours before applying the next coat.
Coverage : Approximately 1 liter/m2/cm @ 1:1 dilution

Tile Adhesive Premix Maxcrete 201 to water and Cement to Sand before mixing wet and dry components. Mix until a creamy consistency is achieved. Spread a thin uniform layer onto the substrate and apply additional mortar with a notch trowel to achieve the desired
tooth thickness. Back butter ribbed backed or large format tiles before placing it with a firm pressure to ensure good contact.
Coverage : Approximately 0.4 liter/m2 @ 1:1 dilution, using 6 x 6mm notch trowel

Storage & Shelf Life

Keep in cool ventilated area away from direct sunlight. Can be stored for 12 months in sealed original packaging.

Health & Safety

Prevent contact with skin and wear waterproof gloves and googles when handling. Upon contact with skin, wash
with soap and water. In case of eye contact, flush with water and seek medical attention immediately.

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