Maxcrete 800 Tile Adhesive is a premixed grey or white powder consisting of high grade cement, graded fine sand, premium quality synthetic resins and special additives that requires only the addition of water to form a highly workable mortar with good bonding strength, low slump and high grab to adhere ceramic floor and wall.

Features Limitations

✓ Requires only addition of water.
✓ Excellent workability and minimal sag.
✓ Good adhesion and bonding strength
✓ Impact and water resistant.
✓ Class C1 adhesive


 Do not use over gypsum or autoclave blocks without proper surface treatment.
 Not recommended over glass, wood, metal, plastic, rubber, painted and other unsound surfaces.
 Do not use to bond glass mosaic or very large format tiles.

Technical Data


• Maxcrete 800 : 25 kg
• Clean Water : 5.5 – 6.0 liter

Pour 5.5 liter of water into mixing container and slowly add Maxcrete 800 powder while stirring with an electrical mixer. Adjust to the desired consistency by adding part portion of 0.5 liter water. Mix for 3 minutes until lump free homogenous consistency. Let the mix sit for 5 to 10 minutes and remix again before using.


Concrete, screed and render shall be sufficiently cured for 28, 14 and 7 days respectively.
All substrate shall be clean, sound and free from contaminants, laitance and loose particles.
Smooth and painted surface must be scrabbled to expose at least 75% of clean roughen surface.
Expansion joints must be incorporated during the design stage to coincide with the tile joints.
Dampen the substrate prior to application.


The size of notched trowel to use depends on tile sizes, depth of lugs and the evenness of the substrate.
Optimal performance is achieved with 100% coverage to both substrate and tile with a 2 to 5mm mortar bedding in between.
With an appropriate size notched trowel, spread the mortar onto the substrate using the flat side to obtain a thin uniform layer. Follow up by using the notched side to apply additional mortar to achieve the desired toothed thickness.
Large formats, ribbed back tiles, irregular stones and slates shall be back buttered before placement.
Do not pre-soak tiles before installation. If tiles are dusty, wipe with a clean wet cloth or quick dip in clean water.
Place tiles with a firm pressure to ensure good contact with the adhesive mortar.
The open time of the mortar could drastically be reduced depending on conditions such as strong sunlight, dry wind, high temperature and highly absorbent substrates.
Check constantly to see if the adhesive has formed a skin. Once skinning is detected, the adhesive must be removed and remix. Do not add water during remix.
Do not adjust tiles after they have been placed past 15 minutes.
Wall tile joints can be grouted 6 to 8 hours after installation. Floor joint can be grouted after 24 hours.

Storage & Shelf Life

Keep elevated in dry, moisture free condition. Can be stored for 12 months in sealed original packaging

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