Maxbond BT Primer

About The Product Maxbond BT Primer is a ready-to-use compound of oil bitumen and processing additives for use in substrate preparation to counter the effects of dust and minimize concrete surface porosity. Available in water or solvent based, it enhances bonding of polymer-bitumen membranes, in both hot torch and self-adhesive applications and helps improve the […]

Maxcrete 201 Bonding Agent

Maxcrete 201 is a modified Styrene Butadiene emulsion that is added to cement mortars to enhance bonding properties. It also intensify cement sand mixes to improve resistance and strength. Features Uses ✓ Greatly increases adhesion strength ✓ Excellent water resistance and reduces efflorescence. ✓ Enhance mortar flexibility and reduce shrinkage and crack formation. ✓ Improves […]

Maxcrete 681 Hydraulic Grout

Description Maxcrete 681 Hydraulic Grout is a fast setting mortar that consist of hydraulic cement, fine sand and specially formulated additives. Upon contact with water, the grout hardens rapidly as it increases in volume to form an airtight and waterproofed seal. Features Uses ✓ Require only addition of water. ✓ Ultra-fast setting. ✓ Expands while […]