About Us

Maxbond Singapore’s journey began in 1999 as a distributor for water-proofing and wet trade products. Working closely with our business partners and clients, we grew steadily in the local construction industry.

2006 was the year that the company acquired LC United to enhance our knowledge and on-site experience. With that, we were able to move above and beyond, providing our clients more effective and efficient solution to their comprehensive needs. During the course of our journey, attaining ISO, BCA and SCI accreditations and being involved in numerous prestigious projects were some of the key milestones.

With the right team and our expansion, the corporate group Maxbond Asia Pacific (MAP) was formed in 2012 which also owns Maxbond Myanmar and Maxbond  Vietnam today.

Having sound supports from our esteemed clients and business partners, we stay committed in continuous improvement of Maxbond Group to deliver the best  services, solution and product while working together towards a greener environment.

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