Maxbond 323C is a single component, cold applied membrane derived from pure polyurethane without any bitumen or coal tar modification. The cured membrane is highly flexible yet high in tensile and tear strength. It has excellent adhesion to concrete, masonry, bricks, Upvc, plywood and metal.

Design Features

• A liquid-applied system with simple surface preparation and easy application procedure, offering practical quality control under site conditions.
• Forms into a homogenous waterproof membrane without seams or lapping.
• Excellent elasticity and capable of accommodating moderate substrate movement.
• Fully bonds onto substrate and will not permit water migration in case of puncture, allowing for easy repair to localize area.
• Resistant to dirt and mild chemicals.
• High solid content of more than 93%.
• Low VOC (volatile organic compound) of lesser than 100g/L.

Recommended Areas

Concrete roof in a concealed system
Landscape and planter box
Balcony and court yard
Basement slab and retaining wall

Surface Preparation

The substrate must be fully cured, sound, clean and dry.
Cement laitance, mildew, oil, grease, asphalt, sealer, loose material and foreign substance must be removed.
Water downpipes openings must be flush with the application substrate to allow for water flow.
Honey-combs, voids and cracks above 2mm shall be routed out and leveled with non-shrink repair mortar.
Rough surfaces and form fins shall be sanded down to eliminate any sharp protrusion.
Brick wall to receive upturns shall receive a skim plaster prior to waterproofing.

The Installation

Stir with an electrical mixer for 1 minute before using. In the case of closed head pails, cut open the entire top to mix the contents.
Apply Maxbond 323C with a paint roller or brush at 0.9kg per m2 to achieve 0.7mm wet thickness. Allow coating to become touch-dry and proceed to apply the second coat at the same rate and thickness.
Water ponding test or protection topping may proceed 24 hours after the last membrane application.


22 kg closed head metal pail


Approximately 0.9 kg per m2 for 0.7mm thick coat

Storage & Shelf Life

Prevent from prolong exposure under direct sunlight. 12 months shelf life when stored in a cool and dry space.

Health & Safety

Maxbond 323C contains solvent and is harmful to eyes and skin. Use protective clothing, rubber gloves and
mask during application with adequate ventilation.

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