About The Product

Maxbond 431 is a ready to use liquid coating with excellent UV stability and water resistance. The easy-toapply coating has good bond to common building substrates and is ideal for sealing of new and old concrete
roofs, metal deck, clay tile roofs, asbestos sheets and external masonry walls. It cures to form a membrane that
is flexible and able to absorb small substrate movements to bridge developing hairline cracks.
Design Features
• Simple surface preparation and easy liquid application procedure.
• Forms into a homogenous membrane without seams or lapping.
• Elastic and flexible, capable of absorbing small substrate movements and bridge hairline cracks.
• Environmentally friendly, water-based formulation.
• Good alkali resistance.

Surface Preparation

The substrate must be fully cured, sound and clean.
Cement laitance, mildew, oil, grease, asphalt, sealer, loose material and foreign substance must be removed.
Pits, voids and cracks above 2mm shall be leveled with NS grout or sealant.
Rough surfaces and outside corners shall be sanded down to eliminate any sharp protrusion.
Rusted metal shall be sanded down and treated with rust conversion primer.

The Installation

Stir with an electrical mixer for 1 minute before using.
For highly porous surface, apply a priming coat by diluting Maxbond 431 with 10% clean water.
Maxbond 431 shall be applied in 2 undiluted coats at 0.3kg/m2/coat using paint brush or roller. Let each coat achieve touch-dry state (approx. 45mins) before applying the next coat in a perpendicular direction.
In flat roofs and other detailing areas such as joints and fasteners, an intermediate mesh may be embedded into Maxbond 431 coating to form a reinforced membrane structure for prolong durability. Ensure that the mesh is dimensionally stable (low shrinkage) and conforms readily to irregular surface contours (soft finish). Apply a base coat at 0.8-1.0 kg/m2 and lay the mesh over the wet coating. Immediately apply a 2nd coat at 0.8-1.0kg/m2 and leave to achieve touch dry state. Finish off with a final coat at 0.4kg/m2 to cover any remaining expose mesh.


Recommended atmospheric conditions during application between 5 – 35°C with relative humidity below 80%.
Not recommended for use in water immersed or ponding conditions.
Uneven substrate texture or non-uniform application may cause differences in appearance.
Approximately 0.3 kg per m2 per coat. Minimum 2 coats required.

Storage & Shelf Life

Prevent from prolong exposure under direct sunlight. 24 months shelf life when stored in a cool and dry space.

Health & Safety

Use eye protection when mixing. When expose to skin and eyes, flush with clean water

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