Maxcrete 622 Self Levelling Mortar is a pump-able one part self-levelling and self-smoothing mortar that consist of high quality Portland cement, modified polymers, selected fillers and flow agents. It requires only the addition of water to form a free flowing mortar to produce a smooth, level and hard surface.

Features Limitations

✓ Self levelling underlayment for vinyl, tile, carpet, epoxy and wood flooring.
✓ Require only addition of water.
✓ Highly fluid and suitable for pump or manual pouring.
✓ Excellent flow-ability, self levelling and smoothing.
✓ Simple and fast, trowel free application.
✓ Excellent compressive, flexural and bond strength


 Do not use on substrate with high volume of rising dampness.
 Do not use over polished concrete.
 Not suitable for outdoor application.
 Do not add cement, lime or gypsum.
 Lay at least 3mm thick for wood flooring.
 Not suitable as an unprotected wearing surface.


• Maxcrete 622 : 25 kg
• Clean Water : 5 liter

Pour 5.0 liter of water into mixing container and slowly add Maxcrete 622 powder while stirring with an electrical mixer at 500 rpm.
Do not move the mixer up and down as this will introduce air entrapment. Hold the mixer firmly near the base of the mixing bucket and let the material mix itself. If necessary, use a trowel to scrape dry powder from the walls of the bucket. Mix for 2 minutes until a smooth, lump free and flow-able blend is achieved.

If mixture appears too dry, add in a little more water until the desired consistency. Appearance of foam or whitish streaks in the mixture means over-watering and must be adjusted with additional Maxcrete 622 powder. In thicker applications, complete mixing of Maxcrete 622 with water before introducing 1-3mm clean and dried aggregate into the mixture.
Clean bucket and mixing paddle after each batch to prevent harden material from contaminating fresh mixture.


Concrete surfaces must be 28 days old and newly laid screed 7 days old. Surface must be rough textured, clean,
sound and free from contaminants, laitance and loose particles.
Erect the necessary formwork and ensure water-tightness and integrity. Douse the substrate with water until it
can no longer absorb any more water. Remove all standing water before commencing installation.


It is highly recommended to have 2 or more mixing teams to ensure continuous placement of Maxcrete 622 and
prevent overlapping new pours to drying surface.
The self levelling mortar must be pumped or poured into place upon mixing. Place over the substrate and use a
spike roller to thoroughly roll in 2 directions to remove entrapped air.
Optimal performance is achieved in application thickness between 2 to 5mm without aggregates. A test patch is
recommended for other variations.
Protect from sunshine, water and wind-blown dust.
Accepts foot traffic after 24 hours. Let cure 72 hours before tiling and 1 week before vinyl, carpet and wood

Storage & Shelf Life

Keep elevated in dry, moisture free condition. Can be stored for 12 months in sealed original packaging

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