Maxcrete 650 Non-Shrink Fluid Grout is a high strength self levelling grout that consist of high quality Portland
cement, graded natural aggregate and shrinkage compensating additives. It requires only the addition of water to
form a free flowing grout with extended working time to suit local ambient temperatures.

Features Uses

✓ Require only addition of water with adjustable
✓ Pourable or placed with suitable grout pump.
✓ Excellent flow-ability and self levelling.
✓ Able to fill intricate voids.
✓ High early and ultimate strength.
✓ Good dimensional stability and no bleeding.
✓ Impact and vibration resistant.
✓ Chloride and iron free, non-toxic and non-corrosive.
✓ Extended pot life.


✓ Filling of honeycomb and cavities.
✓ Machine foundation and rail beds.
✓ Under-plate.
✓ Anchor bolts.
✓ Columns in precast construction.
✓ Gaps between precast elements.
✓ Pipe openings.
✓ Other non-shrinkage filling requirements.
✓ High strength application.

Technical Data


• Maxcrete 650 : 25 kg
• Clean Water : 3.25 – 3.50 liter
Pour 3.0 liter of water into mixing container and slowly add Maxcrete 650 powder while stirring with an electrical mixer at 500 rpm. Adjust to desired consistency by adding part portion of 0.5 liter water. Mix for 3 minutes until lump free homogenous consistency.


Concrete surfaces shall be clean, sound and free from contaminants, laitance and loose particles.
Iron and steel surfaces shall be free from scale, rust, oil and grease.
Absorbent substrates must be saturated thoroughly, leaving no standing water before grout placement.
Erect formwork if necessary, ensuring a well braced, strong and watertight construction.


Maxcrete 650 grout should be pumped or poured into place upon mixing. Fill continuously onto a single point to promote flow and avoid entrapping air. Use steel rod or chain to ensure all cavities are filled.
Under-plate : Construct a strong and watertight formwork and flood the area overnight. Leave no standing water and prepare sufficient material to obtain a continuous flow. Fill only from 1 side and maintain sufficient pressure head with uninterrupted grout flow. Use steel rod or chain to aid complete filling and finish the placement in the shortest possible time.
Machine foundation & Rail beds : Remove standing water from bolt holes and grout anchors in the 1st operation. Pour the foundation bed in the 2nd operation with uninterrupted grout flow.
Large Cavity/Volume : To prevent over-heating, add aggregate at ratio of between 50-100% by weight of Maxcrete 650 powder. Well graded aggregate up to 30mm can be used but it must not exceed 33% the size of the minimum gap. The use of cold water to mix the grout will be beneficial in keeping temperature down during initial cure.


Protect from strong sunlight and high windy condition during curing. Keep moist for the next 3 days.

Storage & Shelf Life

Keep elevated in dry, moisture free condition. Can be stored for 12 months in sealed original packaging.

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