Maxbond 1211 is a 2 component waterproofing system consisting of a special acrylic polymer and preblended filler powder. The membrane is flexible and seals hairline cracks. It has excellent adhesion to concrete, masonry, bricks, aerated screeds, plastics, plywood and metal. The high abrasion resistance after initial curing permits maintenance foot traffic over the membrane surfaces.

Design Features

• User friendly system with simple preparation and application procedures that do not require highly trained personnel or application equipment.
• A liquid applied system that forms a physical layer of waterproof barrier without joints and overlapping which are often the weak link in high performance sheet membranes.
• Able to bridge hairline cracks and accommodate minor movement and vibration.
• Cementitious water based formulation to compliment bonding strength of wet trade finishes, eliminating future defects in hollowness, cracking and de-bonding.
• Cures to become a fully bonded membrane that prevents water migration which makes possible the localizing of any leakage and permitting simple spot repairs.
• Will not stain plaster, tile or paints in direct contact with membrane surface.
• Approved for use in water containment tank for drinking water.
• Formulated with premium quality polymers and additives to outperform similar products in elongation and tensile properties

It’s Uses

Recommended Areas
Internal and external wet areas example bathroom, kitchen, balcony, corridor,
E-deck, planter box, RC ledge & etc
Water containment structure example RC tank, pool, pond and water feature
Over ground slab as a barrier against raising dampness
Envelope building wall as a barrier against rain water seepages

Surface Preparation

The substrate must be sound, clean and monolithic. Cement laitance, mildew, oil, grease etc. must be removed.
Honey-combs, voids, rough surfaces, exposed rebars and cracks above 2mm shall be leveled with non-shrink grout or sealant.

Mixing Proportions

• Maxbond 1211 Liquid Polymer (Part A) : 9 kg
• Maxbond 1211 Filler Powder (Part B) : 15 kg

Pour Maxbond 1211 Liquid Polymer into a container of adequate size and slowly add Maxbond 1211 Filler
Powder stirring constantly with an electric mixer. Ensure contents are fully added and stir to a uniform smooth texture which is free from lumps.


Prior to application, the substrate shall be dampened thoroughly. Apply with a paint roller or brush to obtain a minimum 0.6mm thick coat and allow the membrane to become touch-dry before commencing second coat at the same thickness. Water containment tanks may have an additional coat applied as a precaution against added stress and movement.
Water ponding test may be conducted after the first 24 hours. Prevent prolonged UV exposure on the membrane. A protective screed is recommended to preserve and prolong the durability of the membrane.


24kg set consisting of 9kg Part A and 15kg Part B
Other packaging is available for retail


Approximately 0.75 – 1.0 kg per m2 for 0.6mm thick coat

Storage & Shelf Life

Keep elevated in dry, moisture free condition. Can be stored for 12 months in sealed original paper bag and 24
months in sealed original plastic container

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