Maxcrete 809 AAC Block Adhesive is a single component factory prepared blend of high quality Portland
cement, graded aggregates, chemical polymers and special additives that requires only the addition of water to form a high strength mortar with superior water retentivity for use on highly porous materials like AAC hollow blocks, lightweight concrete elements and aerated screeds. Properties include impact and water resistant, excellent adhesion bond strength and high compressive and flexural strength.


✓ Adhesive for AAC block, cement hollow block,
fly ash brick
✓ Adhesive for bonding tiles over hollow blocks,
lightweight concrete and aerated screed.
✓ Skim coat plaster over block wall.


 Do not use in excess of 5mm thickness.
 Not recommended over glass, wood, metal, plastic,
rubber, painted and other unsound surfaces.
 Not recommended for large format or heavy tiles.


• Maxcrete 809 : 25 kg
• Clean Water : 6.5 – 7.0 liter
Pour 6.5 liter of water into mixing container and slowly add Maxcrete 809 powder while stirring with an electrical mixer. Adjust to the desired consistency by adding part portion of 0.5 liter water. Mix for 3 minutes until lump free homogenous consistency. Let the mix sit for 5 to 10 minutes and remix again before using.


All masonry elements shall be structurally sound, plumb and true.
Surfaces must be brush clean and free from contaminants, curing compounds and loose particles.
Do not presoak blocks or tiles in water before installation. Quick dip in clean water to remove dust.
Wet down surfaces and blocks prior to application in windy and hot conditions.


The open time of the mortar could drastically be reduced depending on conditions such as strong sunlight, dry wind, high temperature and highly absorbent substrates.
Check constantly to see if the adhesive has formed a skin. Once skinning is detected, the adhesive must be removed and remix. Do not add water during remix.

Block and Panel Installation

Use a block adhesive applicator notched trowel similar in thickness to the blocks for optimal performance.
Spread the mortar adhesive to a maximum of 5 blocks length at a time, obtaining a thin uniform layer.
Ensure the adhesive has not skinned and covers the entire area of each contact face before placing block.
Lightly tap with a rubber mallet first to the side and thereafter to the top of the block to ensure full contact.
Check level and alignment of the block after each placement with a spirit level.
Ensure joints are between 2 to 3mm thick and fully packed and filled.

Skim Plaster Coat Installation

Block wall must be constructed minimum 24 hours prior while lightweight concrete at least 3 days old.
Apply with a steel trowel at maximum 5mm thickness.
Finish with a soft brush or trowel smooth

Tile Installation

A 100% coverage to both substrate and tile with a 2 to 5mm mortar bedding in between is optimal.
Using a flat trowel. spread a thin layer of mortar to the substrate that can be covered within 15 minutes.
Follow up by using a notched trowel to apply additional mortar to achieve the desired toothed thickness.
Proceed to back butter the tile before placing it with a firm pressure to ensure good contact.
Do not adjust tiles after they have been placed past 15 minutes.
Wall tile joints can be grouted 6 to 8 hours after installation. Floor joint can be grouted after 24 hours.

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